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With the GIF editor, export your edits into the GIF format for sharing, embedding in your favorite posts and pages. The GIF workflow is currently only available to Education plans.

Creating and Editing a GIF

To begin, select GIF from the entry point in the WeVideo Dashboard.


Much like a video project, select the best format for your GIF. See more about formats here. Be sure to also select the desired project folder.


You are then brought to the GIF edit timeline. It’s similar to the Video Edit timeline with a couple of differences.


  1. By default, an audio track is not included on the timeline. GIFs do not include audio. The export of a GIF will not contain audio. (Should you want to turn your GIF into a video with sound, you can add an audio track to your timeline to eventually export Video with audio).
  2. There is now a shaded area on the timeline at the 45-second mark. Your GIF will need to be under 45 seconds to export.  


You may add an audio track at any time by clicking on the plus (+) symbol above your tracks.

If your GIF ends up being over 45 seconds, you will get a warning message on the export page. To fix this, just adjust your GIF to shorter than 45 seconds


Once you have completed your edit, FINISH, or export as you normally would, via the FINISH button in the upper right of the interface.


The GIF export dialog is configured to get the best outcome from your export.


  1. Name your GIF as you would any other video export.
  2. Be sure GIF is the selected export format.
    (You can still export to a standard video if desired)
  3. Select the format. WeVideo offers a number of resolutions.
    If you have created a Square or Vertical GIF the options will update their output resolutions to match your format.
  4. The Destinations slightly differ from a video. Select the desired storage destination. 


Sharing your export is easy. 


Once your gif has completed its export process:

  1. Share the WeVideo link to your GIF directly
  2. Share embed code, or download the GIF directly to your local system.

The default framerate of your GIF is 10fps. If you wish to change this, re-export and select “Advanced Settings.” 6, 10, and 25fps are available options.


Lower fps results in a smaller file size, which is good for certain platforms like social media, email, etc.

Higher fps results in smoother playback.



Can I Convert my GIF into a Video?

The GIF timeline is simply a video timeline with both extra elements and hidden elements to steer you on course for a clean GIF creation process. You can always export your GIF as a video as well. If you wish to have audio, simply add an audio track and export.

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