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Adjusting the volume of a clip increases or decreases how loud it sounds to your ear. While editing your movie, you'll find it sometimes necessary to adjust the volume of the tracks and clips relative to one another in order to get the best possible outcome of audible elements.

In some cases even the maximum volume for a clip is still not loud enough. Boost the volume of a clip beyond its typical maximum default volume to increase the "loudness" to your ear even further. 

You can boost both audio clips and the audio from video clips.

Boosting the track volume

The default volume for any track is 100%. If you want to boost the volume of all clips on this track, simply move the slider to the right beyond the default 100% of the clip, up to a maximum of 500%.

Note: Adjusting the track volume and boost will affect all clips on that specific track.


The volume slider for the track Audio 1 at 100% volume.



Here the volume has been boosted, or increased beyond its maximum by over 4 times, to 409%.

Click on the "tick mark", the vertical white stripe on the volume slider, to get yourself easily back to 100% volume.

Fine adjustment

Use the left and right arrow keys to decrease and increase the volume by 1% respectively.

Boosting the clip volume

To boost the volume of a specific clip:

          1. Select to highlight the audio clip (or audio of a video clip).

          2. Select the speaker icon - Open audio options


          3. Move the volume slider to the right beyond the 100% default maximum, up to 500%.


Only the selected clip has its volume adjusted to (in this case) 321%.

Boosting audio for a video clip

  1. Double click any video with an audio track to open its clip editor. 
  2. Select the second tab (audio).
  3. Adjust the audio level as you would for the per-clip volume above.


Combining the boost levels

Combining the boost from both the track level and the clip level will increase your volume up to a maximum of 2500% for maximum boost.

Simply adjust both the track and clip boost as described above to the desired levels.

Note: At higher boosts this may distort the quality of the audio.
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