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You can use multiple audio layers to add music and sound effects to your edit to create a podcast! The Essentials Library provides royalty-free media for you to easily add these elements. To add a new audio layer, select the + icon on the left corner of your timeline, then choose "Audio" and rename your track.




When searching for media in the Essentials Library, you have the option to filter by Audio. Once you have found the audio clip you want to use, you can simply drag and drop it into your audio track!


Step 1) Find your clip.


Step 2) Drag and drop it into your timeline!



To learn about recording a voiceover, please refer to this article: 



*Quick tip - please keep in mind that there is a 10 minute limit to voice recordings, so when you create podcasts that are longer, it is recommended to segment your recordings into multiple parts.


Once you have added the voice recording and completed all of the finishing touches to your edit, select the Screen_Shot_2020-01-22_at_2.48.55_PM.png icon to export it. In the export tab, there will be an option available to select "Audio only" as shown below:


Just as a clarification, you can make any edit an audio only export, it doesn't necessarily have to contain only audio files. That means that if you want to export two versions of your edit, one that's a video and one that's a podcast, you have the option to do both!


Please visit https://www.wevideo.com/blog/ for tips and ideas about creating a podcast.

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