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Are you a small business owner with a distinct look? Are you simply unifying the brand of all your personal social media videos? Add a logo watermark and set your brand's colors with ease in the new Company Branding feature.

Set your brand in three simple steps:

  1. Access the tools
  2. Configure your brand
  3. Utilize your brand in your edits

1. How to Access the Branding Tools

The branding tools are currently only available in the Professional, Business, and Business Trial plans.

Unlike other visual elements in your timeline and eventual video, control over your watermark is global over all edits and projects, and in the case of multi-user accounts, across all seats. 

Professional Plan

If you are using the PROFESSIONAL plan, from the dashboard click on MANAGE BRAND.


You'll find that you're directed to your Account settings. You can also navigate directly by accessing the your Account settings directly. Since the configuration is global to your account, set your brand once, and use it in all of your edits. 


  1. Click on Account and Settings in the upper right of the interface.
  2. Select Account settings from the drop down list. 
  3. Expand Company branding from your account settings
  4. Configure your brand elements to your liking. (See more in Configuring your Company Branding below).

Business Plan

In the case of a BUSINESS plan (including the trial), branding can be found under the Admin Settings.


  1. Log into your administrator account.
  2. Click on Admin in the top navigation.
  3. Select Settings from your Administration tools
  4. Configure your brand elements to your liking. (See more in Configuring your Company Branding below).

2. Configuring your Company Branding

Company Branding is a global setting, and all configurations here are applied universally for all edits. You can still in turn modify and fine-tune your branded elements within each edit individually, or come back here to adjust again for a global change. Once you have familiarized yourself with the Branding tools' location, configure them for use in any of your projects and edits.

Setting the Logo Watermark to Overlay Your Video

Some requirements to consider before setting your logo watermark:

  • Logo should be a high resolution image at a minimum of 800px on its largest size.
  • Supported image formats are JPG (or JPEG), TIFF and PNG with alpha (or a transparency layer, so you can get an effect like the round logo in example below).
  • You do not add a watermark to an edit from this location. Watermarks are enabled in each edit respectively, from a configuration in the editor. See 3. Using Your Brand in an Edit

To upload or replace your logo watermark:

  1. Navigate to the Company branding location in your respective plan.
  2. Upload your logo file to replace the default placeholder. 
  3. Configure the alignment (or corner in which the logo resides), the opacity, and the size of the logo.
  4. Preview your configuration in the provided Example preview


There is no need to save your settings here. the configuration is automatically adopted globally and then accessible from your editor.


Setting the Colors and Font for Motion Titles

Color and font settings are applied to each respective selection menu within the editor. 

  1. Navigate to your Company branding location in your plan.
  2. Click on the color selection or font drop down menu to select each.
  3. Select up to two (2) colors to have readily available within your edits, and up to three fonts


3. Using Your Brand in an Edit

Now that you've set your brand's logo and default colors and fonts, head over to the editor and your edit to enable and access them.

Using Your Watermark

Watermarks in your edits are not visible by default. In order to use a watermark, you first must add a track to your timeline where it can live.


  1. On your edit timeline, click on the Add new video or audio track button (+)


  2. Select Watermark Logo from the presented options


  3. Click OK, and watch your previously set watermark show up in your edit!

Fine Tune Your Watermark

Now that you're viewing your watermark in a project proper, perhaps its location, size or transparency doesn't suit your exact needs. Simply edit the watermark to further tweak its look.

  1. Double click the watermark to open the configuration tools


  2. Configure at your discretion
  3. All updates are applied instantly

Note: These changes only affect the watermark in this current edit. To change the watermark globally, configure your Watermark Logo in your plans' respective Company branding tools.


Tip! Wait until you've completed your edit before adding a watermark. The logo will then automatically cover the full duration of your video!


Using Your Default Motion Title Colors and Fonts

Having previously set your default colors and fonts for motion titles, they will be accessible from their respective selection menus from within your edit.

For Motion Title Colors

  1. Drag and drop a Motion Title to the timeline of your edit
  2. Double click the Motion Title to open its configuration
  3. Select any of the available color options

The colors you previously selected are now available in the standard color picker under BRAND COLORS.


For Fonts

  1. Drag and drop a Motion Title to the timeline of your edit
  2. Double click the Motion Title to open its configuration
  3. Select any of the available font selection options

The fonts you previously selected are now available in the standard font drop down menu under BRAND FONTS.




  • Can't find your Company branding tools? These tools are only available in the Professional, Business, and Business trial plans.
  • Want to remove your watermark? Simply delete the watermark from your edit timeline, or the track on which it resides.
  • Your round logo looks like a square in your edit? Make sure your logo is of a filetype that supports alpha channel, and that the rounded area is properly defined as transparent.
  • You cannot change your branding in a finished video. Once you have FINISHED your video, that video is an independent file. If you wish to change your watermark in a video that has already been FINISHED, you must change (or remove) the watermark on your edit timeline and then FINISH the new edit timeline to another video. You cannot change finished videos.
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