Syncing your ClassLink SSO & OneRoster with WeVideo

WeVideo Support -

WeVideo is a certified ClassLink partner with SSO & Rostering options available for integration.

OneRoster Sync
Syncing your ClassLink roster with WeVideo ensures parity between your ClassLink and WeVideo accounts.

Please note that you must be on an active WeVideo for Education plan to use this integration.

Go to your OneRoster server applications and search for WeVideo.

Add the application and provide permission for WeVideo to access your OneRoster. Select the classrooms you wish to add to WeVideo.

For more information on this process, please see ClassLink’s documentation:

After completing this process, provide your OneRoster Tenant ID to and a support agent will activate the sync to your WeVideo for Education account.

When the sync has completed, you’ll see a filter option in the admin Members tab on WeVideo which allows you to see inactive users in your organization. These accounts represent the users that have come in through the rostering sync. The user will only become active under the license once they log in to their WeVideo account.

Each user will be added to a WeVideo group that reflects their ClassLink classroom name, with Teacher roles added as managers of those groups.

Please note that by default, certain roles (Teacher and above) will automatically sync as a Teacher role. Admin roles can be manually assigned in the Admin tab, which will override the sync role. If you wish to have specific ClassLink roles synced as a WeVideo admin automatically, please let the support team know.

Sync updates are performed nightly. Any deltas made to an account in ClassLink (changed name, role update, added user, deleted user, switched classroom, etc) will be reflected after the update has been performed.


The WeVideo app in the ClassLink library functions as a single sign-on (SSO) app. When you launch the app, you’ll be authenticated into a WeVideo account associated with your ClassLink user ID and WeVideo will launch in your browser window. While this is usable standalone, it is best when combined with OneRoster sync to ensure your ClassLink users land in your WeVideo for Education organization. 



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