Allowing Access for Microphone, Camera, and Storing Files

WeVideo Support -

Webcam and Screen Recording are Blocked

The dual capture feature is not available in all browsers. Supported browsers include: 

  • Chrome: Version 72 and higher
  • Opera: Version 62 and higher

To capture your screen or from your webcam, or both simultaneously you will need to allow WeVideo to

  1. Store files on your local device
  2. Use your microphone
  3. Use your camera

If you omit or block any of these when prompted by your browser, you will need to dig deep into your browser’s settings to enable the feature for when you want to record. Pay close attention to reset your browser cookies and settings to allow for any of these recording features.

Blocked Storing Files on Device: Reset Cookies in Chrome

If you opted to block local file storage: “ wants to store files on this device,”  and you now want to record, only resetting the cookies in your browser will bring the prompt back.

To reset your cookies:

  1. Open a new tab
  2. Copy and paste this link into your browser -> chrome://settings/siteData
  3. In All cookies and site data, enter into search cookies
  4. Delete all cookies
  5. Return to and log in again. You will be prompted to store your files on your local device. 
  6. Select Allow

Resetting Browser to Allow Screen and Webcam Capture

If you’ve blocked permissions for WeVideo to use your camera or microphone, you will be unable to record your screen or from your webcam directly into WeVideo. You can reset your browser to again allow your microphone and webcam to be used.

To reset your settings:

  1. Open a new tab in your browser
  2. Copy and paste chrome://settings/content into your browser’s address bar
  3. In Site Settings you will see an entry for both Camera and Microphone. 
  4. Select either Camera or Microphone (you will repeat steps 4-x later for the other).
  5. If your device is blocked, it will show up as such.
  6. Simply delete this item from your blocked list by clicking on the BIN.
  7. Return to and refresh the page on the editor. 
  8. When prompted, select Allow to use your microphone, or use your camera.

Incognito (Prior to Build 80) and Private Window Browsing is Not Supported

In Google Chrome and other browsers there is an option to browse the internet without storing your browsing history, and erase any temporary data you may have gathered in your current session.

Because of these native restrictions, Incognito mode in Google Chrome, and a private window in Opera do not support Webcam and/or Screen capture. 

To capture from your webcam or your screen use your browser in its standard default settings. 
Chrome, Build 80 and later opens up availability to record directly in the Incognito Mode of the browser.

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