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What are Linked Resources?

When working on a video project, there may be times you want to reference external resources like scripts, notes, project briefs, project instructions, etc. WeVideo offers Linked Resources, which are these elements tied to your video projects directly accessible within the WeVideo interface.

Currently available to view and edit are Google Suite's Docs™, Sheets™ or Slides™. To link these articles sign in to your Google account from WeVideo's Linked Resources. (If you use Google's SSO to log into WeVideo, Linked Resources requires an additional login). 

You can access Linked Resources from the Projects Directory or directly from the video editor.

Access Linked Resources from the Projects Directory

To access Linked Resources the WeVideo Projects Directory:

  1. Click Projects at the top, then click My projects.

  2. Select the Project you want to add resources to.

  3. From the left menu, click Linked Resources.

  4. To add a new link, click LINK A RESOURCE.

  5. After logging in to your Google account, you can browse your Google Drive and select up to 10 links per project.

To open an existing resource:

  • Right-click the respective thumbnail and click Open link, OR
  • Double-click the respective thumbnail, which is a link to the resource.

Keep in mind your linked resources are associated only with the WeVideo Project they are linked to. In the example above, the linked resources are only available to the project, “My Project”. Note: Since Linked Resources live within a project, they’re visible to all project members.

Access Linked Resources from the editor

To access Linked Resources directly from the editor:


  1. Open the editor and click Linked Resources above your Media Library. This is where all your links are stored.

  2. Navigate through your links on the left, 

  3. or add new ones directly by clicking LINK A RESOURCE.

  4. From Linked Resources, you can easily return to the editor and continue editing your video timeline by clicking BACK.

Open Linked Resources in your Browser

Simply right click the linked resource thumbnail, and select Open in Google Docs.

Signing in

When you link a resource for the first time, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your desired Google account. Once you log in, you’ll have access to your Google Drive. This is independent of SSO for WeVideo's main login.


If I add a linked resource, is it automatically shared with all the members of the project?

WeVideo respects and follows the privacy settings you’ve designated in Google Drive. If a project member doesn’t have access to the link, they can request access directly in WeVideo.


Who can add or remove links?


  • Each project member can see and add links in the project.
  • Each project member can remove links they’ve added to the project.
  • The project owner can remove any link in the project.


  • Admins and Teachers/Leads can remove links from any project.

How many links can I add?
Each project can have up to 10 links.

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