Integrating WeVideo with your Canvas LMS

WeVideo Support -

Read the instructions below to integrate WeVideo into your Canvas system using LTI.

Step 1: Sign up for a WeVideo for Education account. You will not be able to use Canvas integration with a personal plan (free, power, unlimited etc.).

Step 2: Generate developer keys for your canvas instance.

Instructions can be found here

For the fields, the values to fill in are:

Key Name: WeVideo

Owner Email:

Redirect URIs:

Redirect URI (Legacy): (leave blank)

Icon URL:

Step 3: Contact to provide the generated ID, developer key and the URL to your canvas instance. Once we get those, we'll do some configuration and then we'll send the Canvas keys needed to add WeVideo to a course

Step 4: Add WeVideo to a course.

The steps can be found here

Configuration Type: By URL

(do not do manual entry for configuration type)

Name: WeVideo

Consumer Key: (provided from step 3)

Shared Secret: (provided from step 3)

Config URL:

Once this step is complete, you will see a WeVideo link on the course tab. Clicking on it will log you into/create your WeVideo account and you will be able to start making edits.

If you are a student role in Canvas and there are valid active assignments due, you will see a Canvas destination to choose in the finish page of the editor. From there, you will be able to select from a drop-down menu the assignment you want the finished video to be submitted to.

When you launch WeVideo through Canvas, all of the same features from retain. If you require assistance in setting up your WeVideo for Education account, please reference our knowledge base.

If you already have existing student accounts in WeVideo created through other methods such as Google sync, csv import, or invite link, the account accessed via Canvas will be the same account as long as the email addresses match. If there is no match, a new account will be created instead when launching the integration.

If your users are seeing a log in screen after launching WeVideo from Canvas, please ensure that 3rd party cookies are allowed in their browser. 

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