Privacy Communication, Data and Analytics

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Your privacy, communication, data and analytics settings can be configured on the Account page.

You can access your account page by clicking on your account icon on the top right, or by clicking on "Manage Account" from the Dashboard. 


On the account page you will see collapsible sections for your privacy settings. Click on the Privacy Settings text to expand your options and you will see the following:



Email Preferences

These are the settings for email communication from WeVideo that we will send to the email address associated with your account. You can update the email address associated with your account at any time by clicking on the blue pencil icon near your name on the top left corner of the account page.

You can opt in and out of a few different categories of email communication by simply checking or unchecking the checkbox next to the corresponding category. Please note that after opting out of email communication, some emails that were already scheduled to be sent to you prior to the opt out may still be sent to your inbox.

Data and analytics

These are the settings for controlling telemetric data you send to WeVideo for analytical purposes. Some examples of the type of data collected would be data that answers questions like"What are the most popular motion titles?" or "What features are not being used and need more love?"  

Crash reports are also part of data that you can opt in to push to WeVideo, which will provide us with technical details that help us identify problems with our service without you having to even contact support (however, you should always contact whenever you encounter any issue so we can assist). 

On the mobile apps (iOS and Android) 

The same settings can be found on the mobile apps, and the settings will be in sync between web and mobile. To access the settings, navigate through the following steps:
Menu --> Settings --> Privacy Settings

From there you will see dials instead of checkboxes but the functionality to opt in and out remains the same. 



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