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Download your data

You can export and download your data from the WeVideo services you use via the Account page.

Note: Downloading your data does not delete it from WeVideo's servers. Learn how to delete your account or manage your media.

Create an archive of your data

1. Log into your WeVideo account and access the account page by clicking on your account icon on the top right, or by clicking on "Manage Account" from the Dashboard. 


2. Expand the section "Manage personal data" by clicking on the words or Down arrow unnamed.png


3. Optionally select to include copies of any finished exports you have created. Please note that this will cause the data archive to take longer to generate, especially if you have large videos or a large number of videos. This will add your export files to the zip containing your data. For an immediate download of your exports, you can always download your finished exports from the Exports tab.

4. Click on the "Create Archive" button and confirm the popup to start generating the data report.



5. You will receive an email when the report is ready to be downloaded. Simply navigate back to the account page and click on the Download button by the name of the desired report.


The report contains a summary of the telemetric data collected from your usage and the analytical services in which your data was processed. 


Note: User/Student roles in a WeVideo for Education plan will not be able to create or download a data archive on their own. The administrators/owner of the organization are the data controllers and will have to generate the report on their behalf. 

Note: This process can not be done on the mobile (iOS and Android) apps. Please log into the account on on a non mobile device. 

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