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Media is shared across a spectrum of devices including widescreen TVs and monitors, and more often than not, your smartphones and other handheld devices. To best reach your audience and take advantage of mobile device real estate, we've introduced square video creation. You can now create your videos and share them in Square, Horizontal, or both!

Please refer to our plans page to see which plans are eligible to create videos in both horizontal and square presentation formats.

Choosing the best presentation format

The presentation format is the aspect ratio of your edit and resulting video. 

Horizontal video may also be referred to as 16:9, landscape, or widescreen. Just imagine filling your typical TV or movie screen with your video.

Square video is best for social media, where you can utilize more real estate on smartphones and other devices, reaching a wider audience.

Creating a square video

When creating a video, you can opt to start with horizontal or square. Don't fret! You can always switch to the other format.


Select either horizontal or square to begin editing your video.

To create a square video simply start a new edit in square format and create as you normally would. Your edit timeline will preview in square, and all your elements including, titles, transitions, and your own media will be presented in square.

Finish and share to your desired social media as normal. 

Sharing a video in multiple formats

Perhaps you want to create a video and share it both on YouTube, which is typically widescreen or horizontal format, and also to your Facebook page that typically works better with square. And you want to best utilize the formats for both. You need only create your edit once, and then export your video to both the horizontal and square formats. 

  • Begin your edit in either format, horizontal or square and once you've completed it to your satisfaction, finish the video and export it to the desired resolution
  • While your video is exporting, return to your edit timeline
  • Enter the main menu, and select "Change Format."
  • You are then presented with the options below


Horizontal or Square - Choose the format to which you want to also export your video.

Copy & Change - Saves your current timeline, and creates a copy (new edit) in the other aspect ratio.

Change Format - change your current timeline to the selected format.

Use Version history (see below) to rollback an undesired format change.

In the timeline of your new format, do the necessary polish, and then export the video for this timeline, uploading the result to your desired host.

A little bit of polishing after you've changed formats

While our handling of your videos between swapping of formats is automated, there may be some elements shifted after the format is changed and will need some polish best left to your discretion. Be sure to always verify that you like what you see on the timeline, and make any further adjustments as necessary. 

Go back in time with Version history

In the main menu while in the editor, there is an option called Version history. You have access to all saved versions of your edit back until the time you initially created it.

To go back to an earlier revision, for example the one before changing the format — simply select a prior version from the list.

Note: if you choose to create a copy before changing the format, the revision history will only show your current edit. You will only see this new edits revisions in the current revision list.




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