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Media is shared across a spectrum of devices including widescreen TVs, computer monitors, smartphones, smart watches, refrigerators… and who knows what’ll be next? With WeVideo you can create video to best fit these your display! Edit and share your videos in Square, Horizontal and Vertical - or all three!

Please refer to our plans page to see which plans are eligible to create videos in horizontal, square or vertical formats.

Choosing the best presentation format

The video’s presentation format is the aspect ratio of your edit and resulting video. Aspect ratio is defined as a relative width:height.

Horizontal video may also be referred to as 16:9, landscape, or widescreen. Just imagine filling your typical TV or movie screen with your video, or watching a fullscreen video on YouTube.

Square video is best fit for social media, where you can utilize more real estate while scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

Vertical is a popular format on mobile across many platforms, especially Facebook and Snapchat, where the full screen of your phone can be used while watching and sharing all those videos in your gallery.

Creating a square or vertical video

When creating a video from scratch, you can opt to start with horizontal, square or vertical. Don't fret! You can always switch to the other format at any point during your edit.


Select horizontal, vertical or square to begin editing your video.

Your edit will preview in the format you’ve chosen - horizontal, vertical or square, and all your elements including, titles, transitions, and your own media will be presented as such..

Finish and share to your desired social media as usual.

Note: While in an Education account, create only horizontal edits from scratch, but retain the option to change to any other format at any time.

Sharing a video in multiple formats

From one original edit you can finish a video into multiple formats. Perhaps you want to create a video and share a horizontal video on YouTube, a square video to Twitter, and vertical to your Facebook page. You need only create your edit once, and then export your video to horizontal, vertical and square formats.

  • Begin your edit in any format, horizontal or square and once you've completed it to your satisfaction, finish the video and export it to the desired format and resolution
  • While your video is exporting, return to your edit timeline
  • Enter the main menu, and select "Change Format."
  • You are then presented with the options below


Horizontal, Vertical and Square - Choose the format to which you want to export your video.

Copy & Change - Saves your current timeline, and creates a copy (new edit) in the selected aspect ratio.

Change - change your current edit to the selected format.

Use Version history (see below) to rollback an undesired format change.

In the timeline of your new format, do the necessary polish, and then export the video for this timeline, uploading the result to your desired host.

A little bit of polishing after you've changed formats

While our handling of your videos between swapping of formats is automated, there may be some elements shifted after the format is changed and will need some polish best left to your discretion. Be sure to always verify that you like what you see on the timeline, and make any further adjustments as necessary. 

Go back in time with Version history

In the main menu while in the editor, there is an option called Version history. You have access to all saved versions of your edit back until the time you initially created it.

To go back to an earlier revision, for example the one before changing the format — simply select a prior version from the list.

Note: if you choose to create a copy before changing the format, the revision history will only show your current edit. You will only see this new edits revisions in the current revision list.




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