Merging or Combining Edits

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There are situations when you may want to combine the edits in a project - for example, if students decide to split up work and eventually combine their separate timelines or if you wanted to create a finished video containing all of your students' edits.


Let's take a look at one situation where you would want to combine edits. Say you created a History project to have your students create a biographical video about a historical figure and you wanted to have a compilation of everyone's edits to send to parents or exhibitions. 

In this example, we see here that Jonathan made an edit about Alexander Hamilton and Eddie made an edit about Aaron Burr.

Let's take a closer look at each edit:  

To combine edits, select the edits you want to combine within the project. This can be done by holding Ctrl/Cmd and clicking on each edit, or clicking on the first one, then holding Shift and clicking one further down to quickly select multiple edits in a row. 

Right-click on any of the selected edits to find the context menu with the action to Combine edits.

Please review the popup carefully. At this time, you can select the order for when each edit will appear in the combined edit by clicking on each edit's thumbnail.


Once you have clicked "Combine Edits", a new edit will be created with the contents of the edits you have selected to be combined. Notice in the screenshot above, we now have an edit containing both Hamilton and Burr.

The edits used in this combination process will not be altered or deleted, and you can continue to use them to combine new edits, etc.

Please note that an orange marker will appear at the point of each edit's beginning, so you can keep track of which edit was placed at a certain time. Clicking on the marker allows you to read the marker and add additional comments as needed.

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