Preparing your personal media for uploading into WeVideo

WeVideo Support -

WeVideo supports over 500 types of file formats for your videos, images, audio clips, songs and music. However, there are still steps that you should take to ensure your clips work on our platform.

First, ensure that the media you are using is able to be viewed properly on your device prior to uploading. If you have corruption, sync issues, or any other problems with your original media, uploading it to WeVideo will not correct any of these issues. 

Second, make sure you are using decent quality media. WeVideo renders videos in widescreen HD resolutions (16:9) at a high bitrate, so ensure that your media is not being stretched or distorted due to low quality/resolution or incorrect aspect ratio. 

Finally, check that your media meets our supported file formats and media guidelines. If your media matches and it is still failing to process into WeVideo, please contact our support team and provide them with the original file. This can be achieved by uploading the media to Google Drive or another digital file storage location and then providing a download link for our support team to help troubleshoot. Without the original files, we are not able to help with any upload/processing issues.

If your import is in progress and has not yet reached the processing stage, the media can be removed by right clicking on it (or two finger click on touchpads) and selecting "Delete" on the context menu.

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