Relinking media that did not finish uploading

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When you import media into WeVideo the clips get uploaded while you work on your video edit. In most cases, by the time you are done editing, your media will have fully uploaded into our system. However, there may be cases where your uploads have not finished and you need to leave the editor. 

If you close your WeVideo tab before allowing the uploads to finish, this will interrupt the process causing your media to never reach our servers. There is no cause for alarm because the next time you open your edit, you will be asked to relocate the media on your computer so the upload process can resume.


Editing with missing media

If you don't have access to the original clips you can continue working on a different section of your video and link the files later. Skip the process by clicking on "Not now" in the missing media popup. The clips will remain unlinked in WeVideo until you locate or remove them. Please note that you must relink the clip or remove them before finalizing your video.

Missing media will be marked by a red marker in the media library and in the editor (see below).



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