WeVideo Editor (Flash version)

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We've recently launched a new version of our editor built from the ground up on a new technology called HTML5. This new version has been slowly rolled out to current accounts and will be the standard on all accounts by 2017.

Flash was a platform that WeVideo was built on in the past, but this technology will soon be unsupported by major browsers. This is one of the main reasons we've moved away from this technology. The new technology (HTML5) allowed us to introduce new features and an overall better experience. To learn more check out our release article here.

To use our brand new editor, you need to use a device and browser that meets the HTML5 standards for editing video. What this requires is support for hardware accelerated WebGL. Please see our article here on how to enable this on your device.

If you have a device that does not meet the HTML5 requirements, you can still use our flash editor until the end of the year. Please note that our flash editor will only have limited support from our team, will not include the new features, and may be completely unsupported once all of the major browsers abandon Flash.

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