Member roles

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WeVideo has a different set of ROLES than can be assigned to the members. Once a user joins your account, you can assign a specific role to each of them. You can change this role if needed at any time.




Each role has a specific set of rights:



  • Owner. Full administrative and payment rights.
  • Admin. Full administrative rights except payment options. This role is usually reserved for Tech coordinators.
  • Lead. Limited rights. Settings and user invitations are disabled. This role is usually reserved for Teachers.
  • User. Restricted rights set by the Owner/Admin. This is the default role and is usually reserved for students.



Note: All members automatically join as a User until a new role is assigned. The Owner role is assigned to the person who signed up for the multi-user account. There can only be one Owner per account.


Advanced tip: Custom roles can be created in addition to the 4 mentioned above. These roles can have specific permissions that cater to your needs.

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