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To access your finalized videos, click on VIDEOS at the top navigation bar, and select any video.

Each member can see their finished videos in the video tab, but Owner, Admins and Leads can see all of the member's final videos in the ALL VIDEOS section.

If you have gallery manager privileges, you will see an additional section called EDIT GALLERY. WeVideo comes with a Gallery to showcase final videos. Depending on your preferences you can opt not to have a Gallery.

Adding videos to a gallery allows you to showcase your members' videos to the entire organization. As a gallery manager, you can pick which videos to show in the gallery. 

You can add a video to a gallery by clicking on the "Add to Gallery"  button when viewing a video or by right clicking on any video in the Videos tab.

Administrators will also be able to set a gallery to be public, allowing people outside of your organization to view the selected videos.

The gallery works as one big showcase for all of the videos. If you wanted to showcase only a few specific videos to a specific audience, you can create playlists.


A playlist is a collection of videos created in WeVideo. Playlists live in the Gallery and can be shared with all the members of the multi-user account, with the Gallery managers or publicly to people outside the walled-garden.

To make a playlist go to the EDIT GALLERY section and click on the green plus icon on the bottom right. The Gallery wizard will take you through the steps of creating a playlist.


Step 1: Add name and privacy settings

Choose your playlist's name and its privacy here.  
You have three options for privacy (two if your gallery is not public)

Visible to the world (public link)

With this option, your playlist link will be viewable by anyone you give the link to. This includes anyone outside of your organization, with or without a WeVideo account.
Please note that this only makes the playlist public, which works as a container for the videos in the playlist. If there are videos within the playlist that are private, they will not be visible to the public. (You can change a video's privacy by clicking on the lock icon in the video page)

Visible only to members of Organization

With this option, your playlist and the videos inside it will only be viewable by logged in users within your organization. 

Hidden to all members (visible to gallery managers only)

With this option, only you, gallery managers and administrators will be able to see the playlist.

You can edit your playlist at any time to change the privacy option.

Step 2: Add videos to playlist

Next, choose the videos you want to add to your playlist. In this window you'll see a flat list of the videos you have created or videos created by others. You can always add additional videos to the playlist later.


Once the playlist is created you'll see it in the EDIT GALLERY section. If you want to see how the playlist looks to others you can click on the VIEW LIVE GALLERY button in the top menu bar.



Playlists are available in the live Gallery to all members that have access to the videos. Remember that the privacy of the videos was selected while creating the playlist. To check the current privacy settings click on the gear icon in the playlist view and edit it if needed. If you are happy with the privacy, click the sharing icon and copy the link to share to others.

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