Syncing Office365 for Education with WeVideo

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You can sync your O365E directory to your WeVideo organization.
When you have a directory synced, any user in a synced directory will have a corresponding WeVideo account created inside your WeVideo organization when they click on "Log in with Office365". (if they already had an account prior to sync, they will be moved into the organization the next time they login).

To configure O365E sync:

Log into your WeVideo for Education account.
1) Click on the Admin tab
2) Click on Members
3) Hover over green + on bottom right and click "Add New Users"
4) Select the Office 365 option

Click on Connect and log into your O365 admin account.

If connecting fails and you get an error "Calling principal cannot consent due to lack of permission" please click this link as an o365 global admin
Authorize the app and then try again.

For the app we get basic info about the user like name, email, organization path (group) for the purpose of user importing. We also need permission to upload exports on user behalf to OneDrive. Student data is never accessed by the app, only what is explicitly given if a student chooses to import files from OneDrive or send a finished video to OneDrive. Directory information is handled server to server and is used to reflect the groups created/synced in WeVideo. This information is not stored.

Once you have connected your account, you will see a list of user directories to select for syncing. 

If the account you are syncing on is on a different domain than the other accounts, please state them when you are selecting your groups. 

When you select a group for sync, you can also set the WeVideo role that the synced user will be. Custom roles can be created in the Admin Settings tab but typically teachers are Lead and students are User. If a role is not selected, it will default to User.

Please note that the accounts are only created once a member of that group clicks "Log in with O365". The accounts are not precreated before this. If you wish to create the users ahead of time, you can use the CSV option. So long as the email addresses match, they will access the precreated account when they click "Log in with O365".

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