How do I overlap pictures/videos, have picture-in-picture and transform my clips?

WeVideo Support -

In all Editing Modes, you can flip, rotate, or scale video and images. 

Select a clip then click on its "Edit" button.

The Editing Window will appear and you must click on the "Transform" tab.

To Rotate a clip, click on the rotate buttons "CCW" (Counterclockwise) or "CW" (Clockwise). This will rotate the clip -90 degrees or +90 degrees.

You can also flip the clip horizontally or vertically by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

When you scale an image/video you can reposition it to create a picture-in-picture.
If you are in timeline mode, remember to scale the image/video that is in a track above the main track so that it can be visible.


You can combine this technique with clip opacity to easily create custom watermarks. 


For a visual tutorial on how to utilize the layering technique, please refer to 06:18 - 08:23 in this video:



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