How do I precisely fade in and out audio?

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This article covers:

  • How to fade in/fade out a clip.
  • (Timeline) How to fade in/fade out with keyframes.

How to fade in/ fade out a clip

In either storyboard or timeline mode, select the clip and click on edit.



In the editing viewer, select the "Volume" icon:


 Select a fade in duration and a fade out duration (you may need to scroll down to see the fade out option).
This will determine the length of the fade in and out from the edge of the clip.

Fade in/Fade out using keyframes (Timeline mode)

You can use keyframes to fade in/fade out in timeline mode. This allows you to manipulate audio more precisely.

A keyframe is a point you set on a clip, from which you can raise or lower the volume.

To fade audio in our out, click the second option on the video


You will see a horizontal line (known as a rubber band) over the audio clips that you can adjust, or you can use the buttons for setting the time. With this feature you can fade in/out both the clip and the audio.

You can drag the volume control rubber band up or down to change the level.
Note: If no keyframes exist on the clip, the rubber band appears as a straight horizontal line across the entire clip.

Hover over your clip and click on rubber band to create a keyframe.

 You can add as many keyframes as you like in your clip. Double click on a keyframe to remove it.

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