Import Powerpoint Slides to WeVideo

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This article covers how to import powerpoint slides as images in WeVideo.

NOTE: versions of Powerpoint differ in terms of the menu appearance but the process should be the same. We are using Powerpoint 2010 for Windows in this demonstration.

Select the slide you want to export.
You will have an option to select ALL your slides later. If you want to select all your slides, the slide you select does not matter.

Click on "File" in the menu. The click on "Save As"

A pop-up will open. Click on the "Save as Type" dropdown. A dropdown will show you options for types of image formats.
The correct format to pick is either JPEG File Interchange Format or PNG Portable Network Graphic Format.
Then click Save.

A pop-up will appear, asking if you want to save the current slide (the selected slide) or all slides.
If you save all slides Powerpoint will save the slides in a folder. 

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