How do I trim a clip and close the gaps?

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This article covers how to trim a clip:

  • In Storyboard mode.
  • In Timeline mode.
  • From the viewing window.

Trimming a clip means shortening the front or back of a clip to get rid of elements you don't want to show in your final video.

Trimming in storyboard mode

Select the clip you want to trim by clicking on it once. A handle will appear on either side of the clip.

Drag the handle forward and back to edit or shorten the clip. 

Trimming in timeline mode

Select the video or image or audio clip you want to trim by clicking on it once.
Place your mouse cursor over the edge of either the front or end of the clip.
Your mouse cursor will turn into a two-way cursor.

Drag the edge of the clip forward or back to edit or shorten the clip.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts when trimming.

Trimming from the preview window

Clip on the timeline or storyboard.
In the preview window, drag the handles to trim the clip.


The Close Gaps feature

After trimming a clip, you will see that a gap remained between it and the next one.

In this situation you can use the "Close Gaps" button. Hover the mouse over the files you want to "glue" together. Then right click on one of the files and you will see the "Close Gaps" button. (left) Click on the button

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