What are the WeVideo Editing modes?

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The WeVideo Editor comes with two editing modes - to suit novices and experts alike: Storyboard and Timeline mode.

You can switch to a different mode by clicking the Menu icon in the top left corner of the screen in the editor.

Timeline mode offers more features that are not in storyboard so it is not recommended to switch from Timeline to Storyboard Mode.

Storyboard Mode

This is great for beginners or individuals who want to create a video in just a few minutes. You can arrange clips in any order, trim each clip, add text (title, captions and tags or lower-thirds), and add a soundtrack.  

You can style your video by applying a Theme. Themes apply a professionally designed set of transitions, effects, music, text styles and title slide to your video. You can also apply your own music by uploading it to your account  and then dragging it into your storyboard.


Timeline Mode

Timeline Mode is great if you want a few more options and more control to your editing experience, like:

  1. Custom text layouts and font styles
  2. Multi-track video to overlay text or do picture-in-picture
  3. Control of track volume, multi-select, and more.

Themes can still be used in the Timeline mode. Start with a Theme and then customize from there.

If you don't want to work with Themes, select the "No theme" option under Themes.

Note: If you switch from Timeline mode to Storyboard mode, you will only see the most bottom video track as well as one audio track. All other video and audio tracks will be hidden.

Please save your video first and make a new copy (duplicate) before going to Storyboard mode.


Switching Modes

If you start in Storyboard mode and switch to Timeline:

  • All the clips from Storyboard will be visible in  the “Video 1” track.
  • Applied music will be visible in the Audio track (auto-loops until trimmed).

If you start in Timeline mode and switch to Storyboard:

  • Any clips in the track “Video 1” will be added to the SB main track. Gaps will be removed, resulting in all clips being connected.
  • If you have additional video/audio tracks, they will be hidden. They also will not appear if you finish your video in Storyboard mode.
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