How do I create rolling credits?

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The rolling credits technique is used to acknowledge those who have worked on your project. The main benefit of creating rolling credits (as opposed to having multiple names on a still frame) is that the animation keeps your viewers interested. You can apply this effect on any background. 


Rolling Credit Basics

To create your rolling credits, you'll need two clips and two layers in Timeline mode. One clip (bottom layer) will be the background where your credits will roll. The other clip (top layer) will be your text clip and will be where you’ll add in your credits.


Creating the effect

Step 1 - Lay the pieces

Select the background that you would like to use for your rolling credits. You can either use a video, an image, or one of the WeVideo provided graphics.   

Next, navigate to the TEXT tab and select the Static folder. In that folder, choose the "End credits" title and drop it on the layer above (in this case, Video 2).



Step 2 - Adding the names

Enter the text editor by double clicking the text clip or clicking on the edit icon above the text clip.

This is where you can modify the text properties with your own commentary. You have the ability to customize the size, font, line height, and spacing of the credits. 



Step 3 - Creating the animation

In the same menu screen, switch to the animation tab. For Step 1 (start) drag the text in the preview window until the first name is roughly in the middle of the screen. You can even have it start below the screen to appear as if it is coming out of nowhere. 



For Step 2 (End),  drag the credits in the Preview Window until it shows near the middle of the screen or off screen.


To keep the rolling credits stable and aligned, remember to keep the X coordinates the same in both the start and end. The Y-coordinates may change (you want the animation to move vertically), but you'll want your credits to stay horizontally aligned.



Step 4 - Adjusting the speed

You can adjust the length of the text clip to adjust the speed of the animation. A shorter clip means that the animation will be completed in a shorter amount of time. Hence, it will roll faster. A longer clip means that the animation will be completed in a longer amount of time, so it will roll slower.

Remember to adjust the length of your background so that it matches the length of your text clip.



Advanced Techniques

-Try to choose a font and color that is easily readable by your viewers. So if your background is white, you wouldn't choose a light colored font.

-Change the size of your font between Names and Titles. Similar to the way movies roll their credits.

-You can roll your credits over video clips as well, but remember that you want your viewers to be engaged in reading the credits, not be distracted by the background.

-This effect can also be used with Video Clips to create a picture-in-picture effect. This would be used for reaction videos, interviews, or even video game streams.


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