How do I create a watermark?

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Watermarking your videos can help increase awareness of your company by having your company’s logo non-intrusively appearing in your entire video. In other cases It can be used as a digital signature. This helps protect your hard work from theft or at least helps deter others from taking credit for it.


Watermark Basics

Upload a high quality PNG of your watermark (logo, graphic etc).. If you don’t have one, view the Advanced Techniques section below for tips on how to create one.  Drag and drop the image above your entire video, then adjust the size and location of your watermark.


Creating the Effect


Step 1 - Uploading your watermark

Click on the upload button. Then select the image file from your computer to upload to WeVideo. Once uploaded, your watermark should appear in your media (or wherever you chose the upload destination to be.)


Step 2 - Adding your Watermark to your Video

To create the effect, you'll need two layers in Timeline mode. On the bottom layer is where your main video will be. This will serve as the background for your watermark. On the layer above your main video is where you’ll add your watermark.

Locate your watermark and drop it onto the layer above your entire video. If no extra layers exist, create one by pressing the Plus button.

If you want your watermark to appear for the whole length of your video, adjust the length of the watermark so that the clip above matches with the clips in your main video.

Step 3 - Removing the Background

If your watermark image has a solid background behind it, you can use the Color Keying feature to remove it. Learn how to use our color keying feature.


Step 4 - Adjust the Size and Location

Double click the clip (or hit the edit icon) for the Watermark image to enter the image editor.


Adjust the size by moving the scale slider until it’s about the right size. This is subjective.

Then drag the image in the preview window to a spot where the watermark will still be visible, but won’t distract viewers from your video.


Step 5 - Adjusting the Opacity

Watermarks are a usually a little transparent. This allows viewers to notice the watermark, while still enjoying your work.

Show levels for the Watermark layer.

To make the watermark transparent lower the opacity levels of the clip. The levels appear as a solid line on top of the clip.

If you do not see them on your clip, activate the levels by clicking on the dropdown located next to the name of the track (see image).

Then adjust the first opacity point. Again, this is up to you, but around 40% is a safe bet. Go to the opacity point at the end and do the same.


Advanced Techniques

-Play with the location of your watermark. Again the idea of having a watermark is to help you gain exposure, but not to take away from the video you’re presenting.

-If your company doesn’t have a logo you can use various photo editing programs, to design a logo yourself. Here is an easy tip to create one in Google Slides:

  • Create a new Google Slides document.
  • Select Simple Light ask your preferred style
  • Type the name of your company
  • Adjust the color or style of font.
  • Save it as a .PNG file 
  • Upload it to WeVideo
  • Then follow the steps above
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