Screen Recording

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Screen Recording enables you to record a video of your entire computer screen or a single desktop window. Any actions that you take on the screen (scrolling, clicking, etc) are recorded. Once you finish recording you can save the recording as a video, and use it within WeVideo.

Please note that Screen Recording is only available on premium accounts and Google Chrome Browser is required. Also please ensure that the version of Chrome you are running is 70 or above.

If you are restricting extension installation, please refer to this page for further instruction on how to allow the recording extension.

To begin, click on the Record button in your media gallery.


You will be presented with three options, create a webcam recording, a screen recording, or both simultaneously. Select Screen and click OK. 


You have the option of recording the entire screen or just a specific open window. You also have the option to record a voiceover while recording.


Select your screen or window and click on Share to begin.

You will know that it is recording when you see this status

When you are done recording, click on Stop sharing.

You will then be able to preview what you just recorded
You can start over by clicking on Record New. If you are happy with your recording, you can click on download to save a video file of your recording locally or you can click on save to immediately upload it to WeVideo.

Once the upload has completed, you can use your screen recording just like any other video file.

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