Markers and Comments

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Markers are reference points you can place on the timeline or on clips to locate, identify and annotate specific positions.

Markers are useful for synchronizing two or more clips at a specific point. For example, you can use a marker to label the position where a door slams and then add a sound effect at the same position of the marker.

You can use markers to flag a specific location in a clip and add editing notes or other descriptive information in the marker comments.

Adding Markers
To add Markers, move your playhead to the desired position and click on the Add Marker button to the left of the split clip icon. 

The marker menu will popup. You can choose to name your marker, link the marker, or add comments in addition to creating the marker.

Markers that are not linked are known as Global Markers and are orange in color.
You can also quickly add a global marker by pressing the keyboard shortcut M. This will add a marker at the current position of your playhead. You can even do this while previewing your timeline.

Markers can be moved to a different position if you click and drag the marker.

Linking Markers to a clip
Note: In storyboard mode, all markers are linked to the clip you created the marker on.

If you choose to link a marker to the clip, the marker will stick with the clip even if you move the clip to a different position in the timeline. Linked markers are blue in color.

Please note that once a marker has been linked, it can not be moved outside the boundary of the linked clip.

Also note that if you trim out the part of the clip that a marker is linked to, the marker will be trimmed away with it. Don't worry, you can always extend the clip again to recover the marker.

Adding Comments

You can add a comment to your marker either as a note to yourself or when collaborating with others. 
Simply click on an existing marker and the add comment window will be open.

You can also add the comment at the same time you create a marker by clicking on the "Add Comment" button on the marker menu.

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