How do I add multiple images at once and set a duration for all of them?

WeVideo Support -

To quickly create a photo story, select a 1 or more photos at the same time and drop them all in the timeline. 


A popup will appear with some options:

  1. You can choose the photo duration (minimum time is .08 sec and minimum duration is 2 frames).
  2. You can choose to apply a simple animation (Ken Burns) to all photos.
  3. You can choose to scale your photos so that they fill the frame. This is particularly useful for photos that have an aspect ratio that is not 16:9.

If you need to re-adjust the duration or other options, select the images in the timeline and right-click to open the context menu. Choose "Adjust duration", to open the photo options and adjust your options.

Note: This only works on photos. If you select videos and photos the options will only apply to the photos in the selection.

Stop motion settings

To create a stop motion or time-lapse video choose a duration of 2 frames. Remove the Ken Burns effect and the scaling to make sure all your photos don't randomly move when you play your video. 

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