Using Animation (Ken Burns effect) on videos and images

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This article covers Animation (Ken Burns Effect) and Stop Motion.

  • For single images or video.
  • For multiple images that you drag and drop.

The Ken Burns Effect is an automatic animation that moves and scales photos over time. This effect is named after a documentary filmmaker that made this his signature visual style. With a slight movement, images come to life and add dimension to your video.

Animation for single images or video

Drag your image or video to the timeline/storyboard.

Move your mouse over the clip and click on Edit

Switch to the animation tab

Set the Start point for the animation by choosing the scale and position of the clip. Once that is set, switch to the End point and do the same. The start point is the size and position that the clip will start. The end point is the size and position that the clip will end. You can click and drag to move the clip and also use the slider to adjust the zoom.

Preview your animation before clicking on Done. 

Animation for multiple images (Ken Burns Effect)

If you want to have a randomized Ken Burns effect, use multi-select and click on the Animation (Ken Burns) checkbox.

Select multiple images. You can either select them one by one or click and drag to batch select. The selected clips will have a blue checkbox and a blue outline.

Drag your selections and drop them on the timeline/storyboard. Note: You will see a long clip that has an icon with multiple clips.

You can set the options for your multi-selection. If your selection contains photos, you can set the length or number of frames for the photos here (videos will be added with their complete duration).
To add an automatic animation to all photos in your selection check the box labeled "Apply animation". 

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