Removing or deleting a member

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Please note that only ADMIN and OWNER roles can delete a member from a multi-user account.

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To remove or delete a member from your account go to the “Members” section in the “Admin” tab and select the members you wish to remove. With the members selected, right-click and select “Delete member”. 



Bulk delete members

You can select multiple members by pressing control or command on your keyboard while clicking on them. To select a range of members, click on one then press shift and select the last one. Right-click on the selection and select "Delete members". A window will appear with 2 choices:


Removing a member

If you simply need to unlink the member from your account select “Remove and convert to free” this will remove the member and free up a license in your account.The member’s account will be converted to a free Personal WeVideo account. Any projects created and media uploaded to the multi-user account by that member will be transferred to the new Personal account and un-linked from your account. Projects and media you shared with that member will not be transferred to the Personal account.


Deleting a member

If you wish to permanently delete the account and any content created by the member then choose “Permanently delete”. All projects, media and finalized exports will be permanently deleted. The WeVideo account will also be deleted. If the member wants to create a new WeVideo account with that same username, they would need to start from scratch. If desired, there is an option to keep deleted member's exports, please see below for more details.

Right to be forgotten
When deleting an account, there is an additional optional option to invoke the right to be forgotten. This will clear all personal identifiable information from the deleted account within our system and data processors and delete every reference without any ability of recovery. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on exactly what is deleted and what is retained for legitimate interests. 


Google SSO and Google Sync Considerations

If you are using Google Sync and the member you remove is still in a synced OU, any time that member logs in using Google on WeVideo, it will add the member back into your Schools WeVideo Account (if the member was deleted, a new account is created). To prevent this, move the member to an OU that is no longer synced or turn off sync for the OU that the member belongs in. 


Keep a copy of finalized exports before removing or deleting a member

If you wish to keep a copy of the finalized exports before removing or deleting a user click on the checkbox in the delete or remove popup (seen below). Copies will be kept in your global account and these can still be shared, deleted, downloaded and sent to the gallery. These copies are independent from the original exports. Please note that the video’s count towards the global account storage. 


View exports from Deleted members

To locate exports from deleted members go to the Exports section and click on “All Exports”. Click on the filter icon (seen below in blue) and select “Only show exports from deleted members”. The search results should display the exports from members you deleted. 



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