Managing Media

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This article covers:

  • How to search through media
  • Managing media folders
  • Managing footage 
  • Managing shared media for multi-user accounts

The media page is where you can view and manage all the media you have uploaded.  Media is the raw footage you use to edit your projects. Media can be video, images or sound files.


Search through media

The media action bar allows you to search, sort and filter through your media.

Manage media folders

Right-click on any folder for a list of options or hover your mouse over the blue (+) icon at the bottom right to create a new folder

Screen_Shot_2019-09-25_at_3.18.59_PM.png      Screen_Shot_2019-09-25_at_3.19.30_PM.png

You can also create subfolders inside an existing folder:

  • Right-click inside any folder and the context menu will have a "New folder" option

  • Or use the (+) button within the folder

A subfolder will appear inside the parent folder.

Move, rename and delete folders

Right-click on any folder for options such as renaming, moving or deleting folders.

Manage footage

You can manage clips of raw footage by right-clicking on any clip.


Move, rename and delete a clip.
If you double click a clip or right click and click View details, you will have more actions available to you such as downloading the clip.

Share (multi-user accounts only): Shares a clip to a specific project or folder.

The Shared Media folder

Multi-user accounts have access to a shared media folder which contains footage that can be shared across the organization.

Any user with the appropriate permission can then access that footage, view it, and use it in a project.


For admins, shared folders behave like regular folders: they can move, rename and delete them.
Regular users can only access the folder and cannot edit them depending on the permissions set by your organization's administrators.

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