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Quick Setup Guide
Begin the Google Sync process by clicking on Add Members from the Admin tab.
1) Add the API client permissions in your Google Admin panel (Security --> Advanced settings --> Manage API client access). Use the following codes:

Client Name:

API Scopes:,,

2) Enter in the email address of a GAFE admin after granting API permissions

3) (optional) Add any subdomains that belong in the same GAFE organization

4) Select the OUs you wish to sync

5) Pick between "Create All Accounts now" or "Sync".
"Create All Accounts now" precreates all accounts and consumes your user licenses based on the OUs you have selected. Note: This only creates accounts that do not already exist. If the email address belongs to an existing WeVideo account, that account will not be affected by this button.

"Sync" will save your settings and sync the selected OUs and watch for any users that "Log in with Google". Only after clicking "Log in with Google" will the account belonging in a synced OU be created/added into your organization and consume a user license.

If the user already belongs to another WeVideo organization such as an education trial or different school account, they will not be eligible for Google sync until they are removed from the other WeVideo organization. 

Detailed Guide

Before you can sync your google domain with WeVideo, you will need to allow API permissions.

If you do not have access to your organization's Google Apps Admin console, please reach out to your organization's tech specialist.

The quick link to access API permissions is here:

Otherwise to access it, log into your Google account and click "Manage this domain".

Go to the following pages:
1) Security

2) Advanced Settings --> Manage API client access

3) Add Client Name and API Scopes



Client Name:

API Scopes:,, 

4) Click Authorize


Your API permissions should match the picture above.

Once this is done, wait about 5 minutes for the authorization to propagate. Then you will be able to enter a Google Admin email address for Step 2 of the popup in WeVideo and start to sync your domain.

To get to this popup, log into your WeVideo for Education account.
1) Click on the Admin tab
2) Click on Members
3) Hover over green + on bottom right and click "Add New Users"
4) Select the Google Domain option

Once you have entered your email address and clicked Check, you will be able to configure how the sync will work. If you are getting an error, please ensure that your permissions were set correctly and the email address you entered is indeed a Google Apps Admin.

If your students are on a separate domain, please enter it on this screen. So for example if you share the same OU structure across two different domains and, you will need to enter in the domain that does NOT match the google admin email address entered in the previous steps in order for the sync to extend to the other domain.

Please note that if you have students set up in a completely separate Google Apps account (different admin, different OUs) you will have to click "Add Domain" to sync two separate Google suites. 

Auto Sync Members (via google push notifications)
When this is enabled, your WeVideo organization will actively reflect changes made to your Google OUs. This means when a user in your synced Google OU is deleted or added, their WeVideo account will also be deleted or created.

Receive Weekly Sync Status Email
This option provides your Google admin with a weekly status report on overall changes based on the sync (how many users removed, added, etc).

How to handle:
You can configure what to do in response to changes in your Google OU. Please review this carefully, particularly the various options for handling removed users.

Add Domain
This option is only necessary if you are trying to sync from two completely different Google organizations. 

Click next and you will see list of your OUs to select for syncing. 

When you select an OU for sync, you can also set the WeVideo role that the synced user will be. Custom roles can be created in the Admin Settings tab but typically teachers are Lead and students are User. If a role is not selected, it will default to User.

If you select SYNC ALL ORGANIZATION UNITS this will take priority over any manually checked OU. 

Accounts will start creating after you click "Create All Accounts now". If you do not want all accounts in the OU to be automatically created, you can simply save the sync. If left on automatic sync, users that click "Log in with Google" will have their account created, as well as any users added to the OU since the save in your google admin panel. 

Please note that if there is already an existing WeVideo account, it will only be added to your organization the next time that member of the synced OU clicks "Log in with Google".

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a synced OU is later renamed, our system will still search for it by the old name meaning it will think that the OU is no longer synced and the users will be treated with your configured "removed users" rules. Unfortunately Google does not provide push notifications for renamed OUs.

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