Project Types

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There are three types of projects that can be created: Personal, Collaborative, and Shared.

Personal Ideal for people that want to start and finish a project by themselves. No collaboration.

Collaborative Ideal for edits that involve multiple creators. Teammates can work on one edit and iterate until it is complete, or they can create their edit with personal media or media they share with each other.

Project example: Teacher assigns a project to a team of 3. Student #1 creates an edit and adds images. When done, student #2 can open the same project and continue editing. When finished the edit can be published to deliver to the teacher.


Shared Ideal for teams working on multiple edits that share a common topic but will not involve multiple creators per edit. Media can be shared between members to create the project but the exports they create are only visible to them and the project creator.

Project example: A teacher asks for multiple exports for a film festival. Each student is assigned one edit; but needs to use media from a common pool to create them (school logos and stock music). The teacher can see all the exports created by the school in one place, but each member works on the edits independently from start to finish.

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