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Compared to the features in WeVideo Free and WeVideo Premium subscriptions, WeVideo for Business and WeVideo for Education have the following benefits:

  • Private and secure “Walled Garden” - There is increased awareness in both private and public sectors about the sharing of content - concerns about safety, privacy, and appropriate content. In the Multi-User account, the default behavior is that users can share timelines only with other members. Administrators can further control the collaboration by restricting sharing to designated groups.
  • Easy collaboration - Users in a Multi-User account can easily invite other users to collaborate on video projects.
  • Flexible sharing of media files - In a Multi-User account, media files can be shared with members of a specific project, or with all members of the multi-user account through shared folders.
  • Central capacities - Video export time and media storage space is pooled for the entire multi-user account.

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If you'd like more detailed information check out our user manual. This will guide you step-by-step through the user interface and features and will help you set up your multi-user account for the first time. 

Note: this is a live document and is updated frequently check back often for the latest update. 

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