How do I add text to my video?

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You can easily add various text graphics to your edit within WeVideo. Select the text tab and you can click through each text graphic to preview them. Once you find one that you like, adding it to your edit is as simple and dragging and dropping it to a video track. 


Select the text tab in the editor to see the various text graphics available to you. Please note that some plans such as the business plan will have additional text graphics available for use.


You can choose from a variety of motion titles, static titles, and theme titles if you have a theme applied to your edit. 

Click and drag any of the desired text graphics to your video track to apply it to your edit. Please note that there is a visual priority to the layers, and the top most track will appear on top of any other video track. In other words, you will always want your text graphic to be on a video track above the video you wish to apply text to.


You can double click on any of the text graphics on your video tracks to set the
Text Properties; change fonts, text color, formatting and alignment, and size in the same window and see your changes in the preview window on the right.

Theme based text

If you have a theme applied, you can add additional theme related text to your video.

Steps to create title and end cards

To insert a title card anywhere in your video:

Have a theme applied from the theme tab and then navigate to the text tab


Click on the theme folder to see the theme related text graphics that can be dragged and dropped onto your video tracks.


Steps to add theme captions and theme lower thirds

When you have a theme applied, you also have the options of adding theme based captions and lower thirds.
Double click on an existing image or video clip on your video track to enter the edit menu.

You can then add a Caption or a Lower Third template that will appear on that video clip.


Note: You can only use a theme lower third or a theme caption for a clip, but not both at the same time.

Note: Title, Caption and Lower Third support text input in all major languages, including Mandarin, Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese and more.

Note:  When you preview your video, you will not see the font style and design treatment of your text when using a Theme.  This is a current limitation in order to allow for fast playback of your preview. However, when you export, the text will appear in the style of the theme.  

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