What is used time and used storage? (Capacity)

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Publish time

Publish time is the allowance of exports you can finish per month in any manner you desire. For example, if your account has 2 hours per month, this will allow you to finish 20 videos at 6 min each, or 12 videos at 10 min each, etc. The same concept applies for audio exports.


Publish time is consumed every time a user begin the finishing process. Please note, if a finished export is deleted, publish time will not be refunded.

Finished exports do not continue to take any publish time. However they will consume storage, which will be further explained below.

On a free account, consumed publish time resets to 0 at every month after your account creation date. Here is an example:


Jane just created a new free account. Jane's account has 5 minutes of publish time to spend per month.


Please note that the cost of publish time differs depending on the resolution you choose. This will be further explained below.

Jane opens the editor and creates a short video that is around 2 minutes total in duration.


Jane adds the finishing touches to her video and clicks on the Finish button. Here she is greeted with various options. Notice that her video is a total of 1 minute and 33 seconds long. Once she clicks on the "Finish" button, 1 minute and 33 seconds will be subtracted from her available 5 minutes.


When Jane checks the status of her account after the video successfully finishes, she notices that she has indeed spent 1 minute and 31 seconds of her publish time. She now only has 3 minutes and 29 seconds that she can use when publishing exports for the remainder of the current month.


Publish time for multi-user accounts (shared resources)

For multi-user accounts such as WeVideo for Schools, each user is assigned one hour of publishing time per month, yet the overall publishing time for your account is collective. This allows some students to publish projects longer than an hour if needed.


Storage is used whenever files are uploaded to your account. Keeping published videos also take up storage. If you reach maximum storage, you will not be able to upload additional media to your account or publish more videos. Projects do not take up storage, only media assets that live on your accounts do.

Storage on multi-user accounts

For multi-user accounts such as WeVideo for Schools, each user license is bundled with 5GB of media storage in the WeVideo cloud for project creation and the overall storage for your account is collective. Most schools/districts rarely run into any storage issues.

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