How do I finish or download my video/export?

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Once you’ve completed editing your video, how do you share it? You can do this in a number of ways: by sharing a finished file via URL, downloading a finished file to your local system, or sharing to a media or social media website. You can even export just the audio tracks from your edit into an audio file.

To start this process, click Finish on the menu bar at the top of your screen. The Finish page is where you release and share your video. The process of converting your timeline to a video or audio file is called an export.  This export becomes a single consumable video (or audio) file.


See Exporting Video and Exporting Audio below for more.

Exporting video

Once your edit is complete, finish the video and share it using our provided URL. You can also share directly to any number of online video sharing services and social media, or save it to your local system.



Set the title of your video. This title will be the default name of the file when downloaded, and the display name provided by the WeVideo URL.



You can choose between multiple resolutions for your export depending on your plan and format of your video. Learn more about formats on our Presentation Formats page.

SD - Standard definition (Only available in the Free version) - standard small video resolution. This is close to the pre-HD TV resolution  of the 2000s and before. It’s great for viewing on mobile or when a smaller file size is required.

HD - High definition - Horizontal 16:9 1280x720, Square 1:1 720x720, and Vertical 9:16 720x1280. Great for most use cases since it strikes a nice balance between quality and bandwidth.

Full HD - Full high definition - Horizontal 16:9 1920x1080, Square 1:1 1080x1080, and Vertical 1080x1920. Most TVs and computer monitors use this resolution. Choose FHD  if your raw materials are in 1080p and you want to have a great viewing experience.

4K -  Ultra high definition. All resolutions are based on 4K. Choose 4K if your raw materials are also in 4K and you want the best video quality. Keep in mind that your video will take longer to process and will produce a larger file size.

Destinations (Upload location):

This is also where you can set other destinations for your video. Click as many export destinations as you wish.


You may need to sign in to your account, if you have not already connected your media destination in Account settings -> Connected apps.

A pop-up window will appear to connect you to the service you select. After you’ve connected to the service, you’ll be able to select it as an export destination.

You can export to many destinations at once.

Change privacy:

First, you have the option to set the finished video to be public or private on WeVideo. To access a private video, you must be the owner of the video and logged in to your WeVideo account before clicking the WeVideo URL. The WeVideo URL will not work otherwise.


Find all of your completed exports--video and audio--under the Exports menu. From here you can open the file and share it. By default, all exports will go to the Exports page.


Example export:

Let's say you want to publish your video to YouTube.

Click the YouTube icon to connect to the service.

A pop-up will appear with the Google (YouTube is a Google company) registration flow. Here’s an example of what that might look like:

Once you’ve linked your YouTube account with WeVideo, click the YouTube button again. It  turn blue, indicating your video will export to YouTube when you click Finish:

IMPORTANT: When exporting to YouTube, please make sure you have verified your YouTube account if your videos are longer than 10 minutes.

*Note: To send your video to YouTube, you’ll first need to make a channel on before selecting the YouTube destination.


Once you’ve selected all of your options, you’re ready to finish!

After you click the Export button, your video will begin rendering in WeVideo’s cloud and cannot be stopped.


The status menu will automatically open so you can keep track of your video.

At this point, you no longer have to do anything. You can close your browser or even turn off your computer.

You’ll receive an email and notification when the process is complete, with links to view your finished video.

There will be a download button on the page where you view your finished video.


How long do video exports take?

The time it takes to export depends on many variables. It does NOT depend on the kind of computer you’re using. We’ll email you when your video is ready.

Export queue:

During peak hours, the wait time may take longer than usual. Processing 0% or Starting 0% means you’re still in the queue.

Please be patient and wait for your export to finish. You don’t need to keep the editor open for the export to finish. Feel free to log out and walk away from your computer to let the export finish.

Complexity of the video:

The amount of time it takes for your video to finish exporting depends on the number of clips, graphics, and audio tracks you use..


Full HD and 4K exports are typically very large and take  longer to process.

Please do not re-export if the process seems to be taking a long time. This only adds to the queue and causes a longer export time for everyone.

Exporting audio

When you just want to produce an audio file from your video edit, simply select Audio only from the Finish page. In the Export options, select Audio only and an audio file will be produced from your current edit. There are a number of destinations from which to choose, or you can simply Export to file.


Once your edit is complete, click Export. From here, name your file.

Clicking Export directly will create a an audio file. This file will have its own WeVideo URL and can be downloaded directly.


Finished audio files can also be found under Exports.


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