What browser/settings are best for WeVideo? (System Requirements)

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For WeVideo's web HTML5 editor:
The editor requires a browser that can handle the HTML5 technologies that our editor requires. The following are the currently supported browsers:

On top of the browser requirement, your device must be able to support Hardware Accelerated WebGL. If you are getting an error message saying your device does not support it, please check your browser's GPU details page for more information. The best way to troubleshoot is to navigate to chrome://gpu in Chrome and read what it says under Problems. Sometimes if you have a display driver older than 2010, a simple driver update can resolve the issue. If your device does not support hardware accelerated webgl, you will have to use a different device for WeVideo.

Please note that some Chromebook devices that have 1GB of ram or less may experience issues with crashing. Also some devices running on an Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset may have a slower experience than other Chromebook devices.

The WeVideo editor does not work on your phone’s browser. To create and edit videos on your phone, download the WeVideo app from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iPhone.

Internet Speed/Bandwidth

Due to the nature of cloud apps, WeVideo relies on a stable Internet connection. Please keep internet provider speeds in mind when uploading large or multiple assets at once. If you have multiple simultaneous users on the same network, it is recommended to have enough bandwidth to provide each user with at least 1 MegaByte/second upstream and downstream speeds to prevent a slow editing experience.

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