How do I get started?

WeVideo Support -

Here are 5 steps to follow to get started after you have created your account at

Step 1: Upload your Videos, Images, and Music
Click on the upload button on the top right and upload any media that you wish to use. You will also have the option to pull media from other locations such as Google Drive or Dropbox. We support almost any file type and if you run into any issues, please let our support team know.

Step 2: Create an Edit and add your media
Click on “New Edit” in the dashboard to load the WeVideo editor. Start your editing process by adding your media to the timeline. Click and drag items from your media gallery toward the bottom of the editor.

Step 3: Edit your timeline
Now that all your media is there, you can rearrange them, trim them, or add effects. Add some music, adjust some audio levels and add some text. You can even animate objects to give your video that extra oomf.

Step 4: Finish your Edit

Add those finishing touches to your edit, preview it and make sure everything is how you like it. Now click on Finish. Select where you want to push the export and click on that green button. The time it takes for this process to complete varies based on many variables but at this point you can close everything and wait. A notification email will automatically be sent to you to let you know when it is done.

Step 5: View, share, and download your export

Once the finalization process completes, you will be able to find your export in the Exports tab on the dashboard. You can click on the Share button to get a link or to post to your social networks. You can also click on the Download button to receive a .MP4 video file that you can treat like any other video file (or audio if your export is an audio only export).

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