How do I create a video on an iPad?

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  1. Launch WeVideo for iOS. You will be presented with the option to sign in with an existing account, or to skip this step and use the app as a guest. The Skip option is in the top right corner of the app.


  2. Enter a timeline name and, if relevant, choose a project. Then tap Done. The screen will be different depending on if you have an organizational account or not.


  3. In order to find your edits, just tap the 'WeVideo' button in the top left corner. You will be presented with the following options:


  4. Once you open or create an edit, you will see the editor like this:


  5. To edit your title, you have the following options: text style, text color, background color, and text size. After every edit, you have to tap Done. However, you can't change the duration of the title slide. 


  6. To add media files from your timeline, drag them from the left section of your screen. In that section, you will have folders, and you need to tap the folder you want to use media from. 


  7. With a paid web account, you can also sync your mobile media, to your online WeVideo account. To do that, tap the Media Upload button, in the main WeVideo menu.


  8. You can also arrange your images and video clips in a way that best suits your needs. Tap and hold on a clip to pick it up for rearrangement. The same applies for deleting files you added to your timeline. Tap and hold to pick it up, and drag it to the preview window. This works for images, clips and the title screen.


  9. Tap a video clip to edit it. You can adjust the beginning/end of your clip by dragging the bars below the preview section, and change the volume by dragging the slider. You also have the option to rotate or flip the video, and adjust it's speed. In the top right corner of the preview, there is an option to blur the background of your edit, if you have a video shot in portrait mode (vertically). After each edit, tap Done.

    If you want to add Text to your video, tap the Text tab. You can add multiple captions with the 'Add Text' option. At the bottom of the app, you have several text editing tabs: size, font, text color and background color.


  10. Tap a photo to edit it. You can make it fit to screen or fit to frame by tapping the blue buttons on the right of the preview screen. You can also adjust duration, add an animation, rotate it, or flip it. After each edit, tap Done.


    To add text to your images, tap the Text option. You will see the first screen. To insert text, tap 'Add Text'. You can select the start and end point of each caption. You can add several captions.You can select the font, and adjust text size and alignment.


    You can also select the text color and background color.


  11. You can add a theme by tapping on the magic wand button on the bottom left. You need to be connected to a stable Internet source in order for the theme to be downloaded. You can also preview the theme before adding it. Themes that are only available with paid accounts, will have a padlock on them.


  12. Tap the music notes icon to add a song to your video. You can choose from music on your device, or the WeVideo music library. After you chose your song, tap the blue '+' button to select it.To remove a song you selected, tap the red '-' button. After each edit, tap Done. You can adjust the volume of the track, and it's start time. This doesn't mean you can select where the song starts in your video. You can just trim the beginning of the song.


  13. Tap the microphone icon (top right corner of the app) to open the narration screen, then tap the microphone in the narration screen to begin recording a voiceover for your video. After you recorded the narration, you can either save it by tapping Done, or delete it, by tapping the recycle bin button. 


  14. After you finish editing your video, you can save it for free on your device, but the video will have the WeVideo watermark. If you select to upgrade and Unlock the App, your video won't have the watermark anymore, and you'll gain access to premium audio tracks and themes. 


    For web paid accounts, you can select to upload your video to your web WeVideo account.


    You can also share your video to other destinations:


  15. You will receive message both for when the video is saving, and when it is done. Please don't close the app while this is happening. 


  16. With paid web accounts, you can sync your projects from your mobile device to the web version of WeVideo. You can also sync projects between iOS devices, with the help of a paid web account. The sync button is right next to the Save button, in the top right corner of the app, and you can also see it in orange on an edit, in the Edits section.


  17. After you save the video for Free, you can also share it from the app. Go to the My Videos section, and tap the 3 dot menu, each video has in the bottom right corner. You can only share the video with apps you have installed on your device. If you don't have YouTube installed, you won't be able to share the video to YouTube (for example).

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