Share your finished export to Facebook

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After you have created your export, you can share it on your Facebook Business Page.


Sharing an export to Facebook can be accomplished in a few easy steps:

1) Navigate to the Exports tab within WeVideo
2) Double click on the export you wish to share
3) Look toward the lower right of the page and click on the Facebook icon
4) Select business page from the dropdown menu
5) Change the title and add description to your export if desired
6) Post your export and wait for a Facebook notification

Your export will automatically be posted to your selected audience or page. Log in to Facebook to view your uploaded export.

Exports posted will display and play natively on your Facebook page. Please note that Facebook recompresses videos which may cause a change in quality to your video on your business page.

Please note that if you do not provide WeVideo with the proper permissions to post on your Facebook, this process will fail. In that situation, you will need to reconnect to Facebook and provide the proper permissions for us to post on your page.

Disconnecting your WeVideo account from Facebook

If you want to change the Facebook account you are sending exports to, you can disconnect/reconnect the Facebook account via the Account page. Simply click on the "disconnect" or "connect" button next to the Facebook icon.

You can also disconnect access from Facebook's app settings.

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