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What is a template?

Not every video needs a blank canvas. A template contains all the elements of an edit packaged for use with new video edits, including customized titles, video, transitions and more. You can leverage one of WeVideo's templates, or even create save your own from a timeline to utilize for future edits.

Templates are a timesaver. With the pre-selected elements packaged into a completely configured timeline, you can begin all your future video edits with this customized foundation created by you or your account owner. There’s no need to start from the ground up.

Templates unify the look of your productions. Each new edit using the same template will already contain its customized building blocks. You can easily create a series of videos from the same template, each with that same look.

Templates help you share that look with othersAs a creator of a template and owner of the account, you can share your templates with others on your account. This includes updates to templates, which are in turn reflected down to consumer keeping your aesthetics current. Control your cohesive look within your project or company.

Templates are easy to use. WeVideo's templates use a drag-and-replace functionality. Once a template is selected and opened simply drag a clip, title, transition, or audio to its respective clip on the timeline and it is replaced with your own.

How do I use Templates?

Live templates can be used every time you create a new video edit, whether you choose to start them from the dashboard or from inside a project. (Templates can also exist in "draft" and are not visible for use until made "live").

Select a template

Select a template from the WeVideo quick dashboard... Start with a template


or view the template gallery by selecting BROWSE ALL. 


In the gallery preview or select the desired template and enter the WeVideo timeline! You can also filter the template library by clicking on the desired category style.


And through the back door...

  1. In the projects tab, double-click to open the project in which you want to create the new edit.
  2. Click the blue NEW VIDEO EDIT button.
  3. You are presented with a pop-up, with the option to create a new edit from scratch or from one of your available templates (Global or Project-specific).
  4. Select the desired template, and Start

Projects > Edits > Hover Over Blue Action Button - From template


  1. In the projects tab, double-click to open the project in which you want to create the new edit.
  2. Mouse over the blue button with the plus sign.
  3. The menu will expand - select From Template 
  4. Available templates are presented in a pop-up
  5. Select the desired template and Start

How do I use one of my own templates?

When you have a library of your own personalized templates they will appear in the template header and gallery. See "My templates" in the template gallery.



Templates on the timeline.

Now that you've created a new edit utilizing a template, replace the clips on the timeline with your own. Simply select the your own clip, title, transition or audio from the media library (or Stock footage), drag it over the relative clip on the timeline, and release to replace!


See your timeline populated with all the content from the template itself. All media and periphery is replaceable, and will retain it's duration and configuration (text/color) throughout! Replace as many times as you wish.

Template media bin

The Template media bin is now available to you in the library. This contains the consolidated media and other content within the template accessible from one folder. Here you will see media, titles, transition and such used in the template itself.


Using your own media

To expand upon this edit, simply continue to edit and customize the timeline as you normally would. Make major or minor adjustments as needed, swap out video and images, update the text in the titles, and more. You are not limited or constrained by a template functionally from within the editor.  

How do I create my own Templates?

Begin by creating a video edit.

Templates are effectively video edits which have been wrapped up in a nice package, to use as a foundation for future edits. To create a Template, first, start a new video edit, or open an edit you’ve previously made. Learn more about creating an edit here. 

After you have your edit timeline containing all the elements you wish to wrap up, go to the Main Menu and select Convert to Template.


Take note, once you’ve converted your edit to a Template, the video edit is transformed into a template, and will no longer exist as an edit. To further edit the content in a video format, simply start a new edit, and apply the respective template!

Convert an edit to a Template.

Before you convert an edit into a Template you need to choose the Audience and the Status for the Template. This pop-up dialog displays required options to apply to your soon-to-be template.


Set a name for your template

The name of your Template reflects the current name of your edit. Change it here, or leave it as is.


Your Template can reside in one of two states. These determine whether or not your Template will be published for use in a new edit by you, or another on your shared account.


The Template is created and can still be edited. It is not available for use with new video edits by you or any other on your account. Templates in the Draft state will have a clear label denoting this.


The Template is published and available for use to all those in its audience. Live templates do not have a banner/label.



Select the group to which your Templates will be available.

Project members (Project-based)

When you’ve created your edit from within a project, your current Template conversion will also exist within the same project. This setting exposes a live Template to all who have permission to view the given project.


Global Templates reside outside any given project and are accessible when creating a new video edit. They are available to yourself or anyone else who is an additional seat to your main account.


Tip: You can also create new Global Templates directly, bypassing the edit conversion. Go to Projects > Global Templates, and select the Create new template option from the round, blue button with the plus sign. In the case no global templates previously exist, simply select “Start” in the main interface under CREATE A GLOBAL TEMPLATE.

Routing to the Template’s home.

Once you’ve set your Status and Audience and convert your edit, you are directed to either the Project Template directory or the Global Template directory where your personalized template now resides. As previously noted, Project templates, of course, live in its respective project, while Global are a tier up as they're available to everyone on the account without specific access to any given project.

How do I modify a previously created Template?

Don't fret, with proper permissions you can modify your template at any time. Templates can be edited by their owner, or by those permitted in the application settings. 

To modify a template, locate it in your Projects directory.


  1. Click the Projects tab at the top of your interface
  2. Depending on its audience, either select Global Templates from the left, or navigate further into the project where the Project template is contained
  3. Right-click on the template, and select Modify Template (or double-click to open directly)
  4. Make changes to the template as desired. 
  5. Save your template from the main menu, or 
  6. Go to the FINISH tab to change its Status and Audience, then FINISH


Your Template is now updated with your recent changes.

Note that when modifying a template, the Finish tab no longer contains export options, but instead the Status and Audience settings for your template.


How do I change a Template's Status or Audience?

There are two ways to change the Status or Audience of your template. See Convert an edit to a Template for more on Status and Audience.

Modify Your Template's Options


  1. Click the Projects tab at the top of your interface
  2. Depending on its audience, either select Global Templates from the left, or navigate further into the project where the Project template is contained
  3. Right-click on the template, and select Template Options
  4. You will be presented with the pop-up with the Status and Audience options. 

Finish Tab, from within the Template Editor

If you are modifying your template, simply go to the Finish tab within the editor to update its Status and Audience.

Tip: While you can change a Project template to a Global template, Global templates are in a state where they cannot be returned to a Project. 

Who can create, modify, or delete Templates?

While Status and Audience control who can utilize a template for a new edit, an Admin also has control over who can actually create, modify, or delete templates from a project or globally. You can only create, modify, or delete a template if you are granted proper permission by the account admin, or are the account admin.


  1. Go to the Admin tab
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select the Role for whom you'd like to adjust their permissions. 
  4. Scroll the page down to the TEMPLATES section
  5. There are two toggles
    • Allow <Role> to create, modify, and delete templates in projects of which they are a member
    • Allow <Role> to create, modify, and delete global templates
  6. Toggle the switch ON to allow the <Role> to do all of the above. 

Template availability

Not all templates are available to all WeVideo plans. You can preview all available templates, but to use them you must be in that template's tier. 

The templates themselves will specify in which plan they are included. The crown will denote the plan.


Preview the template to purchase said plan.





Why don’t I see any Templates?

  • You must have templates created and LIVE in order to utilize them. There are no default canned templates to use, yet.
  • If you've created templates and don't see any to use for new edits, check their Status. If they are in Draft, they are not yet available to use. Set the template to Live to use them.
  • If your a seat on someone else's account, the account admin or template creator has control over the templates status. 
  • Currently, Templates are only available with a subscription to the Business Plan. Other WeVideo accounts do not have this feature.

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