End-of-Year Account Cleanup

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From the WeVideo Admin tab, navigate to your relevant list of members. If you have domain sync running, your OUs already appear as discrete Groups in WeVideo. As such, it is preferable to work on removing users from the Admin>Groups tab, as this gives you smaller and neater lists of users to review.


Note:  If you have many WeVideo members, the flat-list view you get in Admin>Members may be too unwieldy for granular user retrieval. However, this view can be useful if you want to save time and streamline the process by removing large batches of inactive users. To do this, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Decide on a cut-off criterion for deeming users eligible for removal (e.g. user has been inactive for 6 or more months);
  2. Sort your user list by Last Active date (placing the least current users on top);
  3. Hold Shift or Ctrl to multi-select the portion of users who fit your original cut-off criterion. (If you prefer, you can bypass Leads and Admins);
  4. Right-click to remove. (Here is a support article with more detailed instructions on user removal).


The steps above can be performed on the smaller OU-style lists you will find in Admin>Groups.


We recommend that you go through these steps periodically - monthly or bi-monthly - throughout the school year. This will keep your member list current and manageable at all times, thereby eliminating the need for extensive clean-up at the end of the school year.

If the list of users you want to remove can’t be handled through the process suggested above, email a CSV file with a user list to support@wevideo.com. The list should contain only the email addresses of the members you want removed.


Tip:  Although our Domain Sync feature automatically cleans up your roster if you delete users from your domain, it doesn't react if you merely suspend said users. Domain-suspended users will remain as members in WeVideo.

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