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Importing media into WeVideo is the first step to creating a video. 

In WeVideo you can:


Importing media from your computer 

To import media in the editor, click on the import icon mceclip0.png  and select the clips from your computer by clicking on "Browse to select" from the import window.

After you select your files, they will appear in the library and can be used right away. While you edit, WeVideo will upload the clips in the background, this way you don't need to wait for the media to upload before you start creating.


Import progress

You can follow the import progress directly on each clip. A progress bar appears under each thumbnail in the library. You can also monitor the progress of all the clips at once by clicking on the global import status that appears directly next to the import icon. 


While the clips are importing you can navigate to other tabs within WeVideo but you must remain in WeVideo until the process is complete. To monitor the import status outside the editor, go to the Media Tab and locate the status in the bottom left corner.


Missing media

If you leave WeVideo or refresh your browser at any point, it will interrupt your background upload and cause your media to be unlinked. You will see this warning popup if you have an upload in progress.

If you open an edit with missing media, we'll prompt you to relink it. You'll see a popup like the one below. Click on the magnifying glass to browse for your file. Once you locate the file in your computer, you'll see that the clips match. Click "Relink media" to complete the process.

All the locations where the media was added will be automatically updated. The media will continue uploading (as before). 


Special cases

Unsupported media: Some media clips might not be supported by the browser. These clips must complete uploading before you can use them in your video.

Media from external destinations: Media added from external destinations (like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) needs to finish uploading before you can use it in your video. 

You can still monitor the upload progress of these special cases as described above. 


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