Using motion titles

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WeVideo’s motion titles let anyone quickly create meaningful videos with spectacular, engaging and informative animated text and graphics elements.


To get started, navigate to the Text tab in the editor and select the Motion Titles folder.
You can click on each motion title to see a preview.


Click and drag your desired motion title into the timeline/storyboard to add it to your edit.


Double click on the motion title once it’s on your timeline/storyboard and you will be able to customize the appearance to your liking.

In the text properties tab, you can change the colors of each element in the motion title as well as the font, font size, and text.


When a text field is set to "Auto," the font size will automatically adjust depending on the length of your text to stay within the bounds of the motion title area. You can disable this by clicking on "Manual" to freely adjust your text to your desired font size.

Please note that some motion titles have restrictions and may require all text to be upper case. Certain fonts may not fit perfectly without additional size adjustments and certain font sizes may not look optimal.

In the transform tab, you can further adjust your motion title by rotating it, flipping it, scaling the size, or adjusting the position.

In timeline mode, you can be extra creative by placing multiple motion titles on different tracks on the same timestamp. This allows multiple motion titles display at the same time, a feature only possible in timeline mode.

See this video for some examples of what you can achieve with creativity:


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